How to Choose the Best Predictive Dialer to Boost Your Sales

May 10, 2022

Making outbound sales has never been easy, especially if you’re trying to convert traders whose time is money. Before your agent can even connect with a lead, they have to get a prospect on the phone first. According to Gartner, it takes an average of 18 calls to connect with one.  

Fortunately, call center technology has evolved beyond manual dialers. Cloud-based communication tools now enable outbound call centers to connect with prospects using predictive dialing more efficiently.

What is Predictive Dialing?

A predictive dialer automatically dials phone numbers and connects an agent to a live person who has answered the phone. In technical terms, it’s an API that enhances your outbound calling software.

The only way for any outbound campaign to meet its quota is to connect with as many leads as possible, so a predictive dialer is a must-have for any call center. 

Benefits of Predictive Dialing:

  • Automate the Dialing Process

Your agents don’t have to dial phone numbers manually. They’re only connected when someone answers the phone, significantly reducing downtime. Automating the dialing process enables teams to make calls nonstop and reach more prospects in a fraction of the time. All your agents have to do is sit and wait to be connected.

  • Leverage Lead-Agent Matching

Your leads are matched to the ideal agent. A predictive dialer enables managers to configure dialing rules and calling ratio, allowing them to harness their teams’ capabilities. For example, a manager can assign a more-experienced group of sales agents to high-quality leads to maximize conversion potential.

  • Optimize Outbound Campaigns

Your managers can customize dialing rules so they can route calls based on a specific parameter such as agent skill level, experience, or language. They can also specify the calling ratio to control how many numbers would be dialed per agent. Agents won’t be able to cherry-pick leads, ensuring that outbound campaigns are run fairly and efficiently. 

  • Integrate CRM for Personalized Sales

Your sales agents can get the context they need for every call. By integrating your CRM with a predictive dialer, your operations can deliver a personalized experience for every stage of the buyer’s journey. Agents will also be able to update information in real-time. 

  • Explore Real-Time Analytics

Your managers can monitor agent productivity and performance in real-time. They can supervise queues and know how many agents are on call or on break directly from their management-view dashboard. They can also assist agents while on the call without the customer knowing, which is an essential feature when training new employees.

How to Choose the Right Predictive Dialer for Your Call Center 

A predictive dialer’s fundamental features are pretty straightforward, but each vendor will have its own offerings. You need to consider these different factors to ensure that the dialer is a match for all your business requirements:

  • Scalability

Ideally, you need at least eight seats to reap the cost-efficient benefits of a predictive dialer. Apart from this, outbound call centers also need a scalable solution that can fit their needs as they grow their operations. Once you’re making more outbound calls than expected, you can upgrade to a predictive dialer and add more seats as needed without delaying your operations.

  • Features

The basic feature of a predictive dialer is automatic dialing, but what are the other features you would need aside from this? Also, think about other capabilities that you may need to integrate with your predictive dialer. You’re also going to need software to validate phone numbers and remove dead-end leads.

  • Customizations

While mostly all predictive dialers nowadays can match agents and leads based on different factors, you need to consider the level of specificity your call center requires. The more specific the call routing rules, the more likely your agents are to convert the sale. Moreover, you should explore whether a vendor is willing to create new customizations if necessary. 

  • Integrations

Make sure that the predictive dialer you pay for works well with existing software, as well as new tools you’re planning to acquire in the future. It also has to tie in with your current processes seamlessly. An intuitive user interface will make the training easier and transition smoother. 

  • Support

Customer support is undoubtedly important not only for problems you may encounter but also for customizations that you need to make specifically for your operations. As a call center, you’ll be handling outbound campaigns for different types of clients, so it’s important that you have that built-in flexibility whenever needed.

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