Upcoming Holidays Support Team Availability

May 10, 2022

Hey There and Season’s Greetings!

This is our favorite time of the year! Some of us will be out of the office chugging mugs of hot cocoa and some will be waiting to answer your tickets with a nice bowl of fresh cookies.

And so, do note, during the dates mentioned below the dialer 24/7 online chat will be turned off and you will be able to contact us at [email protected]

Also remember, you were assigned a primary and secondary expert contact in the case of any urgent need.

We do appreciate the understanding, cooperation and wish you all a great Holiday season .

Holidays Dates ( GMT Time ) :

1/12/2018 – Saturday ( Live Chat will be closed at 11 PM Friday night )
2/12/2018 – Sunday ( Live Chat will be opened again at 11 pm Sunday night )
8/12/2018 – Saturday
9/12/2018 – Sunday
24/12/2018 – Monday
25/12/2018 – Tuesday
31/12/2018 – Monday
01/01/2019 – Tuesday

Thank you and may the upcoming season be great !

CommPeak Team !

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